Giza Hotel-Restaurant Complex

Giza hotel-restaurant complex is located in Dzoraghbyur. There is a big restaurant-celebrations hall on the first floor of the complex that can place up to 200 people. Here you can organize any kind of events, for example: birthdays, christenings, weddings, banquets, children’s parties, prom parties, etc. It should be mentioned that a new celebrations hall is going to be opened soon, and this one can place nearly four hundred people, which is two times bigger than the existing hall. There is the hotel part of the complex on the second floor of the building. High quality single, double and Luxe rooms can be found here. Celebrate and enjoy the important events of you life at Giza hotel-restaurant complex.


Tel: 094 57 44 44
Address: Dzoraghbyur, 1st sq. 33, Yerevan, ARMENIA

Updated: 13:45 August 03, 2015