Martiros Saryan House-Museum

The Museum was built during the lifetime of the artist, next to his home and studio. Since 1967, it has operated as a branch of the National Art Gallery. The top and middle floors of this three-storey building exhibit paintings from 1898 - 1970, and the ground floor displays the artist’s drawings. Following the artist’s death in 1972, his studio also became a part of the museum. 80 paintings donated by the artist make up the core of the collection. Subsequent donations and acquisitions augmented the collection to 170. The museum organizes exhibitions of Saryan's paintings worldwide.

Price of Admission:
Foreign Citizens: 600 AMD
Armenian Citizens: 600 AMD
Children: 600 AMD


Tel: (+374 10) 581762
Address: 3 Saryan Str., Yerevan, ARMENIA

Updated: 11:06 October 25, 2006