Ervand Kochar Museum

The Kochar Museum was founded in 1984 on the basis of Master’s Studio.
The Museum of Yervand Kochar is an exceptional center of historical Avantgard in the region

The creative work of the artist and sculpture Yervand Kochar /1899-1979/ is one of the most interesting phenomena in the XX century.

In 1923-36, living in Paris, he became a rightful member of artists’ "Paris School", giving life to an art, which put his name among those great artists, who dictated the proceeding events in the European Avantgard and World Fine Arts in the 20-30’s of XX century.

During the 13 years spent in Paris, he took part in many international show- exhibitions significant for the century; among them 5 individual exhibitions, that deserved the highest estimation of the artists.

In 1936 he migrates to USSR, followed by prison, isolation... Notwithstanding, the "Yerevan Period" of his work also had a great success, including such exemplary as the canvases as "Ecstasy", "War Catastrophe", "The Eagle of Zvartnots", "Melancholy", "The Muse of Cybernetics" , "Komitas/Echmiadzin", "Vardan Mamikonyan" sculptures, and "Sasountsi David" sculpture that became a symbol of Yerevan.

The works of the great artist are exhibited in many museums of the world, however the visitor can only have a complete impression of the artist’s works only in Y. Kochar’s museum in Yerevan; here are exhibited sculptures, graphics and fine arts works of “Paris‿, "Yerevan" and "Tbilisi" periods. Only in our museum and in "Pompidou" center in Paris one can witness the miracle of Kochar art, called "Spatial Art".

Working Days: Tuesday-Sunday
Working Hours: 11:00am-5:00pm

Price of Admission:
Foreign Citizens: 600 AMD
Armenian Citizens: 600 AMD
Children: 600 AMD

Foreign Citizens: 600 AMDArmenian Citizens: 600 AMDChildren: 600 AMD


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