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Nepal, famously known as 'the residence Gods' is a place that is known for the world's most astounding mountain, the Everest, the battling Gorkha warriors, and the tigers of the southern Terai locale. Nepal is simply the world's just Hindu Kingdom and gets itself pressed between its two massive neighbors - India and China. Over a fourth of the nation's territory mass is more than 9500' high and incorporates eight crests more than 26,000'. Interestingly, the green valley of Kathmandu and Pokhra give the richness you may anticipate from an area that is on an indistinguishable scope from Florida. Near Katmandu are old urban areas of Patan and Bhaktapur with road markets, bazaars, beautiful sanctuaries and resplendent design.. Hundreds of years of custom, craftsmanship and engineering are moved in this valley.


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Updated: 15:01 December 20, 2017