SIMA Tours is an incoming tour operator. With offices in Yerevan, Armenia and Philadelphia, USA , the SIMA Tours team is comprised of a professional, well-trained staff who are ready to assist in planning all aspects of your trip and are dedicated to making your stay in Armenia truly unforgettable. The agency provides full service and a flexible approach for small and large interest groups, parishes, individuals and missions. Personalized service, comfortable accommodations and logistics at attractive prices, and informed guidance are the company's forte. Established over 8 years ago, with a humble beginning of handling 700 odd guests during the first year of its operations, the clientele has grown impressively to over 5 times that number. The extensive travel experience of its directors, adds to the quality, style and exclusivity of all services which the company offers. The managers and executives who oversee your enquiries have themselves traveled throughout the world, and continue doing so – and are thus exposed to the global standards of the industry and work on the guidelines fixed for them by the company, which allows them to maintain a perfect balance between expectations and delivery of all guests thereby adding an outstanding value to each individual who travels through the company. All groups are escorted by qualified language speaking guides who ensure the highest quality of delivery at each stage of the journey. We are very adept in negotiating discount rates for groups and organizations.


Tel: +374 10 58 99 54
Address: Teryan 50, Yerevan, ARMENIA

Updated: 15:32 December 23, 2011