Menua Tours

Tourism industry is considered by many experts to be one of the few fundamental and pillar industries which is expected to help "jump-start" the Armenia's economy as Armenia enters the new millennium. Recognizing the fact that Armenian economy deserves to maximize the benefit of every single "tourist dollar", during August of 1998, MENUA Tours, registered herself as an Armenia based tourist organization.MENUA Tours of Armenia, as a Yerevan based business, is committed to establish herself as the "outlet of choice of choice" which provides the highest standard and quality of service at an extremely affordable price to tourists planning to visit Armenia from around the globe.We take pride in doing our best to make your "Armenia Experience" a memorable one and leave you with an image that "Armenia is a place to go back to..."


Tel: (+37410) 512051, 512052, 512053
Address: 9 Alex Manoogian, AUA Business Center, 1st floor, 102 room, Yerevan, ARMENIA

Updated: 12:13 December 24, 2011