Perch Proshyan House-Museum

The house where the writer Perj Proshyan was born and lived was turned into a museum on the occasion of his 100th anniversary in 1937. The first exhibits were acquired by one of the renowned patrons of the Armenian literature, Vahram Alazan, who was also the founding director of the museum. The bulk of the museum stock came as a donation from six children of the writer. Presently, the total number of items on display is about 1,500, plus auxiliary stores of 700. The museum operates as a branch of E. Charentz Literature and Art Museum.
The museum complex consists of three buildings.

Working Days: Tuesday-Sunday
Working Hours: 11:00am-5:00pm

Price of Admission:
Foreign Citizens: 200 AMD
Armenian Citizens: 200 AMD
Children: 200 AMD


Tel: (+374 232) 33254
Address: 4 Proshyan Str., Ashtarak, ARMENIA

Updated: 10:36 October 25, 2006