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Jeeping Tour: All about Armenia

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Vasco Da Gama Travel Club

Tel: +37491 264694, +37460 509444
Address: Griboedov str 4, 48, Yerevan, ARMENIA
Category: Regular
Days: 8
Date: October 31, 2012 - December 20, 2012
Starting price: 950 USD

Day Destination Hotel
1 Yerevan
  Driving from Yerevan to the south of Armenia approaching the point closer to the mountain Ararat, from where you can enjoy the panoramic view of big and small Ararats. This place is also called Khor Virap (Ancient Deep Prison), where the future first patriarch of Armenian Apostolic Church, Grigor Lusavorich, was imprisoned for 13 years.
Continuing to drive south entering the caves canyon where the ancient wine factory (6100 years ago) and oldest leather shoes (5500 years old) have been found and the beautiful view of a major religious and, later, cultural center of Armenia Noravank Monastery is seen, situated on a ledge of a deep winding gorge of a tributary of the Arpa River and built during the 13th – 14th centuries.

Driving through Noravank canyon towards Eghegis village enjoying the surrounding natural and historical-cultural sights of Yeghegis State Sanctuary.

Dinner and accommodation in the hotel.
2 Jermuk, Sisian
  Breakfast at the hotel and checkout

Driving via mountainous way passing the reservoir called “Herher” visiting the Monastery Gndevank located on the left bank of Arpa River, nearby Gndevaz Village and built inXth century by the princess of Syunik Sofia, from where we will continue our way passing lake “Kechut” to Jermuk town, which is the most beautiful health resorts and famous with its mineral water.

City tour in Jermuk town, drinking mineral water in Gallery and visiting the Gorge of Jermuk enjoying the beautiful waterfall.

Driving to the mountains near Jermuk visiting the residencies of herdsmen on the mountains, introduction of their lifestyle, watching milking process and having lunch in the nature.

Driving to Sisian town via the gorge visiting on the way Kechut lake and taking mineral water natural bath if tourists like. By approaching Sisian you will see one of the most ancient megalithic constructions of the world called Zorats Karer (Stonehenge) near Sisian. The two-meter pointed blocks last precisely from the south to the north, fencing large territory, in the center they form a correct circle. There is a hypothesis that ZoratsKarer is an observatory built in VI mil .B.C. Scientists have found similar constructions in many areas of Europe. The most known of them is the Stonehenge in England (II mil. B.C.).

Overnight in Sisian
3 Goris, Sisian
Driving via amazing Vorotan River Gorge to Tatev Complex, which isUNESCO World Heritage Site.

Visiting Tatev Complex built in 895-906, which is one of the most important Education and Religion Center situated in ancient Syunik. We will enjoy Tatev ensemble fitting in perfectly with the mountainous landscape around it. This gives the ensemble an original and majestic appearance. During the XIV and XV centuries it was famous for its university.

Driving to Tandzatap village near Tatev Complex, from where you have beautiful view to the complex and surrounding mountainous sights.

Here we will explore Armenian village hospitality getting acquainted with bread baking, homemade vodka preparing processes and with village family life, their culture and traditions. We will have lunch in prepared by this nice family.

Driving to Old Khndzoresk village, where you can visit ancient cave-residents of the people. On the way we will enjoy the Devil Bridge, Tatev Big Hermitage, Vorotan Gorge and surrounding mountainous sights, also beautiful city Goris.

Visiting the ancient cave residents of Old Khndzoresk village hiking to the gorge, while the jeeps will drive to the other side of the Gorge and meet the people.

Driving back to the hotel in Sisian town.

Dinner in the hotel.

Overnight in Sisian.
4 Sisian, Sevan Lake
  Breakfast and Checkout

Driving to Camel Mountain. This trip is optional depending on the weather and season. Driving up to the top of Camel mountain (about 3300 meters above sea level).Excursion near mountain lake “Camel Mount”, enjoying sightseeing and visiting one of the unique wonders of the world, rock paintings of Camel Mountain see the amazing rock art from ancient era.

Driving to Aghavnadzor village.

Here you can explore Armenian village life typical to Vayots Dzor District culture, traditions. Introduction of old Armenian lifestyle with family living in this village, experiencing their hospitality by Armenian Lavash (bread) baking and tasting, honey squeezing and tasting, cheese making and tasting and homemade wine and vodka tasting. You can choose from national Armenian dishes tolma, harisa, apur, ghapama and many others during the lunch.

Driving to the north towards Selim pass and taking off road way visiting King Smbat’s Fortress located on the top of mountain and built X – XI centuries with high and wide (2-3 m) pyramid type fort-walls and protected by the Artabuni river and deep canyons. From the fortress there is an amazing view to Tsak hatsKar Monastery and magic jeep route connecting it with the Citadel and telling us about the local legends and story about these two historical monuments.

Driving to Selim pass (Silk Road) via mountainous wayvisiting on the way Selim Caravanserai built by Prince Orbelian in 1331, this inn accommodated travelers and their animals as they traversed the Silk Road through the Selim Pass.

Driving to Lake Sevan via the road gradually climbing up over 2,410m and following the historic Silk Road past Selim Caravanserai. This is one of the best places to see what fabled Silk Route looked like centuries ago

Visiting Lake Sevan huge mountain lake in Caucasus as well as one on the largest and highest freshwater lakes of the world and it’s altitude is 1897meter above the sea level, depth is 90m, an area-1260km square, lengh-70km, width-55km and the volume is 58billion cubic meters. In summer, the middle temperature of lake surface is 18-23 degrees above zero, which is very convenient for us to swim. We will visit Sevan Peninsula (before it was island), which during the 9th century became the royal citadel of the Syuniats kings. So there are a lot of beautiful sights and we can really enjoy the lake.
Hotel accommodation in Sevan and picnic at the shore of Lake Sevan (Sevan’s famous fish barbeque) and visiting Peninsula and Sevanavank.

Overnight in Sevan.
5 Sevan Lake, Dilijan, Ijevan
  Breakfast and checkout.

Driving to Dilijan National Park including the upstream pool of Aghstev river, and surrounded with the Lesser Caucasus mountains.

Here we will visit Lake Parz (Clear Lake), which is one of the beautiful lakes of Armenia.It is situated in the heart of the dense forest at the altitude of 1400meters above the sea level. We will perfectly explore an admirable breathtaking harmony of the lake and surrounding rich fauna and flora.

Picnic at the shore of Parz Lake.

Driving to Acharkut village entering onto the Kirants Gorge, consists of hilly slopes covered with broad-leaf forests interspersed with open glades of various types and rock outcrops in the upper and wider parts of the gorge. Driving along the Gorge by the bank of Kirants river visiting beautiful lake, and enjoying the surrounding natural sights.

Driving towards Koghb village passing Mshkavank monastery complex built in XIII century located close to the Koghb village, on a high plateau, surrounded by a forest and continuing to drive by forest lands of adjacent Zikatar Sanctuary, which is represented by species, various types of relief and corresponding rich plant diversity characteristic for the Caucasus broad-leave forests.

Driving through forest route to the gorge of Koghb River having natural mineral water called “TTU Water” and coffee break in the forest.

Driving through forest route to Zikatar Hotel located in the forest surrounded by the rich flora.

Dinner and accommodation in the hotel.
6 Koghb Village
  Breakfast and checkout
Driving to Sanahin Village, through several north Armenian villages and where we will explore hospitality of local population, having coffee in one of houses, tasting Armenian dishes, introduction of their traditions and also enjoying the surrounding nature rich of mountainous forest.

Driving via village way and taking forest route we will visit one of the most beautiful place in northern Armenia called Sanahin monastery complex included in UNESCO Heritage Site, built 966 A.C. and standing on a high plateau, amidst low structures, they rise sharp against the background of steep forest-grown slopes of Bazum ridge. Entering inside of the structure with amazing architecture we will find out interesting stories about this religious, educational and cultural center, which is also rich with marvelous Armenian Cross Stones (Khachkars).

Driving along Debed River canyon to the connection of Dzoraget river, from where we will drive up to the mountains surrounded by beautiful natural and historical sites. Having small picnic with sweets and coffee break we will continue our way to Stepanavan Dendropark.

Accommodation in “Sochut” Hotel in Stepanavan Dendropark. Rest

Walking in the Dndropark area, which is one of the most remarkable natural zones in Armenia. The park is a wonderful place which makes you feel like in a fairy tale with its fabulous nature, fresh air, and birds’ songs. One could walk there all the time and never get bored. The area of botanic garden is about 35 hectares. It consists of natural forest (17,5 ha) and trees of different sorts (15 ha). Mostly the plants were brought from Yerevan botanic garden, but there are also species from different countries all over the world: Georgia, Ukraine Russia, Germany, France, Portugal, China, USA and so on. Now in Dendropark there are about 500 species of plants.

Dinner in the hotel.

Overnight in hotel in Stepanavan.
7 Stepanavan, Amberd Fortress Castle, Yerevan
  Breakfast and checkout.

Driving to the south west around Aragats Mountain to Amberd fortress

Visiting Amberd fort-city built during the 10th century. The mansion and some parts of the fortress’s wall were constructed in the VII century. We will enjoy the landscape surrounding the fortress and alpine flowers

Driving to Aragats mountain which is the highest mountain of Armenia and the forth of Armenian highland. The mountain has four summits. The highest of them is the Northern (4090m), in the second place is the North-Western (4080m), then the Eastern (3916m) comes and the last one is the Southern (3879m). The length of foot outline is 200km. There is a crater (length - 3 km, depth - 350m) between the summits which in the south-eastern part is connected with the surrounding by erosion cleft up. We will drive up till the Lake Kari. Its altitude is 3207m, surface area 0,12 sq. km., and depth 9m.It was formed from ice deposits. The lake mostly is surrounded by snow and its water is quite cool. From Lake Kari begins Arkashen River.
Walking around Lake Kari and Lunch at the restaurant near Lake Kari.

Driving to Yerevan.

Visiting Armenian Genocide Memorial and Genocide Museum in the Park of Tsitseranakaberd.

Visiting Yerevan famous Brandy factory established in XIX century.

Visiting Matenadaran in Yerevan known as The Institute of Ancient Manuscripts. The earliest mention of the term Matenadaran, which means "repository of manuscripts" in Armenian, was recorded in the writings of the 5th century A.D. Matenadaran contains over 16,000 manuscripts documenting the centuries-old history of the Armenian nation, art, literature, and natural sciences. Manuscript art is one of the most unique examples of Armenia’s medieval culture.

Accommodation in the hotel. Rest.

Farewell Dinner in Yerevan.

After dinner, guests will embark on an evening tour of Yerevan city that includes stop at Victory Park - Mother Armenia and view of Yerevan, walking down to the Cascade , visiting the monument to famous architect A. Tamanyan, Opera House and through nice Northern prospect walking towards the Republic Square, where you can enjoy the Large Dancing Water Fountains.

Overnight in Yerevan
8 Yerevan
  Breakfast at the hotel. Driving to the airport. End of a tour

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