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Armenia Sightseeing Tour

Tour operator/agency:

The Sena Group DMC

Tel: +37455850230
Address: 15 Khorenatsi Street, Suite 1-B5, Yerevan, ARMENIA
Category: Regular
Days: 6
Date: May 01, 2018 - May 01, 2019
Starting price: 663 USD
Armenia Sightseeing Tour

This Sightseeing" itinerary highlights Armenia’s rich beauty and wealth of sights, sounds, and tastes, such as the majestic beauty of its towering mountains, beautiful topography,
rich heritage and culture, delicious food, historic sites.

Come and discover Armenia,
the Pearl of South Caucasus!

Day Destination Hotel
1 Yerevan Radisson Blu Yerevan
  Arrival and hotel check in!
Welcome Lunch (Complimentary of the Sena Group).
Walk at Republic Square, home to History Museum, the National Gallery, the Government House and iconic fountains featuring shows choreographed with music & lights. We continue to walk thru North Avenue and Opera House and end up at Cascade Monument to enjoy the view of beautiful Yerevan and the snow capped Mount Ararat from the top just before sunset.
Dinner at hotel!
2 Echmiadzin, Sardarapat, Zvartnots, Geghard, Garni Radisson Blu Yerevan
  Tour of the “Etchmiadzin Cathedral”. Tour of the “Zvartnots Temple”. Visit to the “Saradarapat Memorial” .
Lunch at “Garnitoun Restaurant”.
Tour of the “Geghard Monastery”. Tour of “Garni”, the only pagan temple in Armenia.
Dinner at hotel!
3 Sevan Lake, Dilijan Radisson Blu Yerevan
  Drive to mesmerizing “Lake Sevan”, Armenian Sea, the Jewel of Armenia. Explore the monastic complex of Sevanavank Monastery, built in 874. Walk thru Sevan National Park. See the old mill along the Argitchi River in Netkin Getashen between 1829-30. Boat tour at Lake Sevan.
Lunch at “Anchor Restaurante” with stunning views of the ice capped mountains and Lake Sevan.
Drive to Dilijan, “Armenian Switzerland", home of Dilijan National Park! Tour of the Haghartsin Monastery”, one of the wonders of Armenian medieval architecture. Tour of the “Goshavank Monastery” beacon of science and culture of ancient Armenia. Walk on “Sarambeyan Street”, full of craftsmen’s’ workshops, gallery and a museum.
Dinner at hotel.
4 Khor Virap, Areni, Noravank, Jermuk Radisson Blu Yerevan
  Tour of the “Khor Virap Monastery”, one of the most popular touristy destinations in Armenia. Tour of the “Noravank: Magic Monastery of Armenia”, masterpiece of the Armenian architecture. Visit to the oldest winemaking facility in the world, dating from approximately 4100 BCE, “Areni 1- Cave".
Lunch at “Lchak Restaurant” laid out in a very aesthetically pleasing way around a pond with fish and ducks.
Excursion to JERMUK, a spa town in Southern Armenia. Visit to Jermuk Fall.
Tour of the Gndevank Monastery. Visit to Gallery of Waters, Jermuk Lake. Ride by Cable Car to enjoy Jermuk and surroundings.
Dinner at hotel.
5 Amberd Fortress Castle, Armenian Alphabet Monument Radisson Blu Yerevan
  Journey discovering the famous sights of Byurakan. Explore “Amberd Fortress”, ruins of a 7th-century fortress. Visit to “Byurakan Observatory” located on the slope of Mount Aragats. Explore “Basilica of Saint Hovhannes”, 10th century basilica. Tour of the “Artavazik Church” of the 7th century with a huge 13th-century “Khachkar Monument”. Do not miss “Kari Lich” (Rock Lake) located in 3200 m altitude, one of the best view in Armenia; overcast skies hugging mountain peaks and picturesque lake rows of distinctive. Tour of the Saghmosavank Monastery.
Farewell Dinner Party (Complimentary of the Sena Group).
6 Yerevan Radisson Blu Yerevan
  Walk to Vernissage” large open air-market to shop and snatch up a variety of traditional Armenian artwork, such as rugs, woodcarvings, paintings, musical instruments, jewelry and more…
Bid farewell, as your magical journey comes to an end. Drive to Zvartnots Intl Airport for your onward flight back home.

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