Armenia is one of the oldest and most historic civilizations in the world.

It is considered to be the place where Biblical Noah and his descendants first settled, as well as the first nation to adopt Christianity as its official religion since 301 A.D

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The most convenient way to visit Armenia is by air. Air transport fulfills the flights through the Zvartnots International Airport
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The Longest Ropeway in the World Opened in Armenia

The Longest Ropeway in the World Opened in Armenia

The Longest Ropeway in the World Opened in Armenia The Longest Ropeway in the World Opened in Armenia The Longest Ropeway in the World Opened in Armenia The Longest Ropeway in the World Opened in Armenia

The longest in the world, reversing ropeway having a 5.7 km length got opened on October 17 near Tatev monastery in the Syunik region of Armenia in the Southern part of this historical country.

The total cost of the project ” Tatev Rennaissance” is something about 50 million dollars, which is rather big sum for such a construction. The program launched is a pleasant opportunity to visit and enjoy the unique world of Syunik wonderland and masterpieces of medieval Armenian architecture as overall the region has long historical roots. Today the landscape is enriched with modern ropeway, which is called to create a new charm. This makes it possible to have a short and safe communication for the Vorotan Canyon and new grace and indelible impression for the visitors.

Six villages

If a tourist visiting the church earlier had to spend for about two hours to pass, reaching the way to Goris, then in the nearest future he will be able to sleep in one of six villages, where he will also get a chance to get acquainted with the Armenian cuisine, and traditions of rural life.

Armenian government is planning to compliment a program, which will help the locals to create a list of activities and modern conveniences for the tourists. This includes the introduction of Armenian daily habits, cooking of the traditional bread-lavash, eating the local health food, learning recipes and much more.

The Ropeway

As reported on the project site, cable car consists of three pillars which are placed between two stations. One of the stations is located on a hill above the village Alidzor, and the other one not too far from Tatev monastery. The maximum speed of the ropeway while holding up to 25 people is 37 miles per hour, the road in one direction will take about 11 minutes. Maximum height of the ropeway above the canyon is 360 meters.

The construction of the ropeway was performed under the program, under which the recovery of 26 km road leading to the monastery Tatev was also reconstructed, this means that right after crossing the long road with the help of ropeway the visitors can make a short way to the Holy centre. And all of this means that formerly rugged road leading to the monastery complex, now can be overcome in just 11 minutes. And there was also a big problem of reaching the monastery during the winter time, when the road was covered with snow. With the help of the ropeway anyone can enjoy the wonderful landscape even in winter.

Tatev Monastery

Tatev monastery was built in the 9th century, which was later turned into the political center of Syunik kingdom.

Tatev Monastery – the pearl of Armenian medieval architecture, was a major cultural center with a scriptorium (workshop by correspondence manuscripts), a library and one of the most famous of the medieval universities. Since its acquisition it gained great authority and dominance in the history of the Syunik province of Armenia. Tatev monastery is situated near the village of Goris Tatev and is around 280 km away from Yerevan. There are multiple versions about the origin of the monastery name.

One of the first versions has to do with the students of the Tadeus Apostle. There’s a chance that the name is the transformed version of the student, who used to be one of the teachers there. If we do consider the modern version of it, which has more of a linguistic origin then we will have this translation “Tatev” with the meaning of “Give wings”. Well, this seems to be a rather reasonable version, if considering that the ropeway was built especially here.


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